Betting among others is fun, expansion and offers thrills. Respectively, and a trip is fun, relief from everyday life, it gives you thrills. So think bet as one trip.

  • The starting point is the amount you play. Set it from the beginning of the journey.
  • The route is the time to play with this amount.
  • The ending is the goal that you put on the performance of your money.

See betting as an investment. Think long term. Betting beyond the fun and excitement that you get, it is a mean to earn money. Start with a logical starting point. Certainly the amount that is available to play each varies. Do not start with amounts beyond your capabilities. Put a realistic profit target and identify the time you want for this goal and try to grab it. If your goal is to have a return on your money, 20% - 30%, in a season, this is something that you can achieve. Don’t forget Beginning - Middle - End.


Bet based on your "journey". Do not go out of your plan. On the way you will have profits and losses. Your aim is the end. Do not be discouraged when you lose and do not spend more when you win. Follow devotedly your plan. You'll be a winner.

Play single events

We know the games are many, the betting options are even more and the temptation is great. The advice is however bet on each event alone. Chances to confirm your choice and take the money are greater. The multiple bet certainly has attractive returns, but also higher risk of failure. Mitigate your risk by playing in single events.

Value Bet

What is a value bet? A bet is a value bet when the return value is greater than the probability of the event. Based on the betting slip, if the odd of an event is x.xx, then the chance for the betting company, to happen in fact is 1 / x.xx.

An easy way to calculate the value is the type Value = Probability that you believe to happen the event X odd -100%.

ATTENTION!!! In the type of value, the probability is, the one that bet player believe, not the betting firm.

For example, we find Real Madrid given to struggle with odd 2. This means that the probability to prevail is 50%. Although we believe that the probability of winning is 60%, then we just find a value bet. In our example 60% X 2-100% = 20%.

Odds greater than 2 in events with 2 results such as Over Under 2.5 are considered value bets. What are the chances of hitting a football match Under Over 2.5 2.5; 50-50. It's like we turn a coin. 50 -50 chances for heads or tails. If for example we have an odd of 2.1 on Under 2.5, then the value is 50% x 2.1 - 100% = 5%. So it is a choice of value bet.

In general, if you believe that your choice to happen is more likely than the possibility that gives you the odd, then you have a value bet.

Choose the greatest stake

If you play on more than one betting companies, select the greater stake from the given odds. For example, you’re playing in 3 companies. If you play Over Under 1.5 and you choose the Over 1.5, see the odds. Company A gives 1.38, B 1.41 and C 1.37. Select B with greater stake.

Bet early

The earlier you play your bet, the better odd can be found. The odds change at any time by the companies according to the volume being played. Therefore if you an option for a Saturday game, Tuesday may be a yield 1.85, while Saturday the day of the match to fall for example in 1.7. Especially in value bets is usually the norm.

Cash out

Take advantage of the opportunity you have to cash out. If you are a winner, use it to mitigate your risk. For example you play four bets over the weekend and on a Sunday night left one of your bets has not yet been played. If you for example play 40 Euros (10 Euros at each bet) and have won 2 of the 3 with a total return of 38.25 Euro, then if you find cash out at 8 Euros, take it. Overall you will receive 46.25 euros, ie a gain of 16% .If not get it and lose your bet will have a 4% loss. But if your bet will earn you’ll make more profit. However, to mitigate the risk here is the rule:

Cash out amount + Return from previous bets > Total bet.

If the rule is confirmed you are the winner.